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Buy Holi Colour Powder Australia New Zealand

With the great weather and sense of fun Australians and Kiwi’s have embraced the excitement of holding colour powder events. We receive many requests from Colour Run and Holi Festivals about where to buy Holi Colours Australia New Zealand.
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Would you like to buy Holi Colours in Australia or New Zealand?

Quality Coloured Powder is our trusted distributors of Kingdom of Colour Holi powder in Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2015, Quality Coloured Powder has provided coloured powder to schools, universities, charities, church groups, holi festivals, colour runs, sporting clubs and many others in Australia and New Zealand.

They love seeing the smiles and laughter at a colour powder events. And with a wealth of experience they can assist you to inject more colour into your next party, fun run, gender reveal, photo shoot or colour run fundraiser.

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Quality Coloured Powder product range

Regular Coloured Powder – as used in Colour Run’s all over the world.

Bag sizes – 100grams and 5kg

Colours – Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink


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Precious Powder – beautiful and shimmery

Bag size – 40grams

Colours – Silver and Gold


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UV Powder – Glows neon under a UV blacklight

Bag sizes – 100grams and 5kg

Colours – Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink.


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Check out their Australia website to make a purchase online.

Check out their New Zealand website to make a purchase online

Alternatively call them on 1300 501 831 (AU) or +61 417 111 309 (NZ) or email

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also find them on Facebook.


Buy Holi Powder Australia New Zealand

Would you like to buy Holi Colours in Australia?Buy Holi Powder Australia New Zealand

We are the worlds largest supplier of Holi Colours. We supply a large number of Holi Colour Distributor, Holi Color Webshops, Holi Festivals, Color Runs, Happy 5K´s, Holi Color Sports & Charity Events. We supply our Holi colors to: Holi Colors Europe / Holi Colors Africa / Holi Colors US / Holi Colors Asia / Holi Powder Australia. We receive many requirements from Australian Color Run and Festivals where to buy Holi Colors. As there is no local Holi supplier to buy Holi Colors from in Australia we decided to start offering Holi Powder in Australia and New Zealand at very competitive rates. Buy Holi Powder Australia New Zealand at Kingdom of Colors.

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Colour Run or Holi Festival in Australia

There is already quite a few Color Runs and Holi Festivals in Australia. But we think the country deserves more initiatives. To make it easier for you to organize your own Holi Party in Australia or Color Run in Australia we offer now our full range of products to each and every city with door to door DHL delivery. We see a growing number of Holi Powder charity Events and many Holi Color school and University events.

Transport of your Holi Colours in Australia

Soon we will open our local Holi Powder Australia distribution. Until then, we offer you sea and airfreight direct from our production unit. Depending on when you need your Holi Powder in Australia and the quantity of Holi Powder you need we together decide on the best option. The Holi Colours we sent to Australia are perfectly packed and will arrive in perfect condition. If you are interested in buying large quantities, we offer you free logo printing on your Holi Colour packagings.

Start your own Holi Colour Australia business

  As there is no Holi Powder Australia supplier yet we are looking for local Holi powder wholesale partners. We have partners in several countries. Each of them are very successful and grow with each order. If you are interested in this colourful and fun business, please contact us. Maybe you are that fun business person that will sell our premium Holi product soon and make buy holi colors in Australia more easy. You can expect full support from us and leads in your area will be forwarded. Looking forward to hear from you and make your Holi Color business in Australia work. We can supply you any type of packaging from small party bags to bulk holi colours. Let´s bring holi powder wholesale to Australia. Buy Holi Powder Australia New Zealand at Kingdom of Colors!

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