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Holi color Birtday Party

Make your birthday a day you, your family and friends will never forget. A holi color party birthday party is success guaranteed. What is more fun then covering each other with safe holi colors. The photos and video´s will be a great memory.

Childeren and adult holi birthday celebration

A holi birthday party is not only lots of fun for children. We have supplied adult birthday parties all over the world as well with our holi colors. Contact us for any advice.

Organize Holi color school party / School Color Run

More and more schools decide to organize a school color event. Think about how much fun a school holi color party or school color run can be. We have supplied a large number of school color events. Sometimes the school color party was just for fun.

School color run fundraise

Often we see the school holi color powder events are fundraisers. Most effective and fun is a school color run. It will bring a lot of joy to the children running the color run, but also to the parents and spectators. If you need any assistance organizing your school color event or school color run, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Holi color sports club party / Holi powder sports club event

What is better then combining sports with colors? In the past years we have supported many sports clubs with organizing their color party or color run. Some of them made it an color obstacle run. The good thing is that most sports clubs already have a venue. For a sports club color run you only have to create a track and organize several color stations along it. The runners only have to follow the track and will be covered with colors when they pass the stations.

Sports club color run fundraise

Organizing a colour run at your sports club can also be an easy and fun fundraiser. Contact us if you need assistance organizing your color event at your sports club.

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