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Holi Gulal Powder Birthday

Inspired by The Color Run and Holi Festivals, more and more people decide to give their birthday some color. If you are looking for ideas for inspiration and ideas for your next birtday, you should consider a Holi Color Gulal Birthday party.

It is easy and the Colors are cheap at our agency. We can supply you with small party bags, so all your guests have a few bags of their own. But organizing a sort of a color “fight” with a few bulk bags of Holi Colors works also very well.

Cleaning of Holi Colors / Cleaning Holi party

Maybe you have later on the Color birthday party some other plans. The good thing is that all your guests can easily be cleaned. If there is no rain, the powder can be removed from the ground with a broom and even a vacuum cleaner. But shoveling the larger piles first is a good idea. Have fun organizing your Color Birthday party and do not worry about the cleaning part. Our colors are completely natural and will not harm any people or the environment.

Hippie Powder Party

Holi Color parties can be organized in many different ways. From a small hippie powder party to a Colour Run or Festival for several thousand people. But the concept is basically the same; Enjoy sports or party with color powder. It is this, that gives that extra dimension. Being covered with powder paint together is fun and creates unity. Think of all the great photos and video´s you can share with your friends and family. Photo´s and video´s with Holi Color Powders simply makes every person happy.

Student Holi Color party

Students love to party. What better way then to party together with your fellow students and Holi Colors. We can even supply you Holi Gulal in the colors that represent your student organization. The paint powder is not toxic at all, so no problem if some Coloured cornstarch end up in your drink.

Student organization holi powder event

We have supplied student organizations all over the world with our Holi Powders and received the most wonderful photos. Do not worry about the venue and cleaning after your Color Event. We will share all our experience when it comes to cleaning the Holi venue and your guests. Looking forward to hear from you. We always have more then enough coloured cornstarch in stock to supply you the soonest possible.

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