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UV Holi Color Powder / UV Colored Cornstarch UV / UV Holi paint

NEON Holi Color Powder / Neon Colored Cornstarch / Neon paint

People are often confused by UV powder colors and neon powder colors. Both in this case are the same. The product lights up under UV / blacklight. No holi colors just light up by themselves. UV holi colors and Neon holi colors are a great for your evening and night events and special effects.

Fluor Holi Color Powder / Fluor paint powder

Although our regular holi color powders are already very bright, some people want something extra. Our fluo or fluor holi colors can be a solution. These colors also work very well for special fx and photo and video shoots. We offer or fluor holi colors in 5 colors. We will always have fluor holi paint in stock. For bulk orders, please contact us in advance. This way we can assure your fluor colors will arrive on time.

Holi Color Gold / holi powder paint gold/ shine holi powder gold / glitter holi color gold

Now available! This great product gives you the opportunity to offer something special to your guests. Gold holi powder will give your guests that VIP feeling. Are you a color run organizer, you could think of a gold powder color station. Offering your color runners a small bag of gold holi paint is also a great gift. Gold glitter holi powder is also coloured cornstarch. Gold shine powder can be used for many festivities. Think for instance about using gold holi colors with christmass.

Holi Color Silver / holi powder paint Silver/ shine holi powder Silver/ glitter holi color Silver

Now available! We offer the one and only silver glitter shine powder. Silver holi colors can give your color event that extra spark. The silver powder can be thrown in the air, but the silver paint powder also sticks to the skin. Think of all the possibilities this special product offers. Silver shine holi colors can be used for color photo shoot, holi color vieo shoot and special effects. We can offer you silver shine holi color powders in a large range of packagings.

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