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Color and variety are top of mind if you think the Indian culture. It is the people, the culture and celebrations that bring India as mystic country alive. There is Diwali Festival, Ganesha Festival, but most famous and intensive celebrated is the “Holi Festival Colors India.” If you visit India, do not miss out on Holi Festival Colors India.Holi Festival Colors India

The Holi festival brings people of all classes and religions together. Throwing Colored powder has a leading role in all this.

Holi Festival Of Colors

What exactly is it the festival stand for? It celebrates the victory of good over evil. At the same time the arrival of spring is celebrated. It’s the festival of happiness and of course colors. And what better way to celebrate then with all colors of the rainbow.

The base of Holi is the throwing and spraying of colored water and powders on friends and family. It is this that gives the day its name “Holi Festival of Colors.

The dry powder colors are called “holi gulal”. If you mix the colors with water it becomes “rang.” But most important, Holi is the day when you will see the streets in India covered in every color dust cloud imaginable. Most popular colors are brightest ones. Think of holi powder in blue, yellow, pink, green and orange. In earlier days, the color powders were made from peoples home using flowers and vegetables for coloring. The flowers were dried in the sun and then crunched to powder dust. The powdered dust was mixed with cornstarch, wheat or water.

Throwing colored water or color powder at relatives, family, or strangers should not be experienced as offensive at all. This day you are free to walk up to each and every person and throw colors.

Holi Festival in outside India 

Since several years people outside India also embrace the Holi Festival. There are no deeper thoughts behind it or any religion involved. Just pure color fun!

The Colored powder

It is all about experiencing being covered with colored powders and have fun together with friends and fellow party people.

Occasions people started using colored powder to cheer up festivities are birthdays, weddings, private parties. But most popular are Holi Festival and Color Runs Some of these Color Runs and Holi Festival have several thousand visitors.

For this reason we started exporting the highest quality colored powder in the world. Our colors are tested in US, Asia and Europe. A large network of holi color webshop and distributors these days sell our products.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to buy holi colors.

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