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Clean holi colors after Color Run or Holi Festival

After all the run and party fun comes the cleaning part. Do not worry about the cleaning after a color run or clean after holi party. With our safe holi color powder this will be easy. How to Clean Holi powder will be explained below.

Clean Holi powder

Clean Holi powder after a Color Run

The color run track can easily be cleaned with water. If no rain is forecasted you can also clean holi colors after a color run with a broom. You can even clean after color run the places with a lot of colors with a vacuum cleaner.

Places that will have a lot of powder are the color stations and finish. A color run track is easy to clean as the colors are not widely spread.

Clean after Holi Festival / Clean after Holi Party

To get everything clean after a Holi Festival can be a little more work then after a color run. The full festival area will be covered with some holi color powder. First thing you should do, is remove all empty small plastic holi color bags from the ground.

Did the holi party take place on a lawn? Let the wind and rain do the work for you. The powder will slowly blow away and wash away with the first rains. Our color powder contains no ingredients that could harm nature.

Cleaning color runners and festival visitors

From peoples faces, arms and legs most of the colored powder can easily be wiped of. A shower will do the rest. Cleaning after a color run is no issue with our safe color run powder.

Cleaning Holi Powder

If you have blond or highlighted hair you could decide oiling your hair a little before the color run. It helps washing the holi colors out after warts. If you want to be 100% sure, you can of course wear a bandana or cap. We never experience troubles with colored hair after a color run. But sometimes it takes 1 or 2 days to completely remove the last stains.

People are sometimes worried about cleaning clothes and shoes after a color run or Holi festival. Although we ensure our colors wash out very easy we advice you not to wear your best clothes or most expensive shoes. Leather and suede especially are known for easily absorbing colored powder.Easy to clean holi color powders

As leading distributor we have supplied and partnered with hundreds of famous Color Runs and Holi Festival around the world. Most runs are just for fun but more and more people, charity organizations and NGO´s use a color run as fundraiser for charity. You can find more info here.

Have fun organizing your Color Run or Holi Festival. Contact us if you would like to buy Holi Colors.



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