Number 1 Holi Color Powder supplier

Holi Color Powder products for your Color Run and Color Festival

  • Available in 5 / 10 /25kg bulk packaging
  • Strong and non leaking packaging
  • Ideal to supply your Color Stations
  • Buy bulk Holi Color Powder

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  • Bags available in 70 and 100 gram
  • Strong and easy to open pouches
  • Packed per 200 pouches
  • Buy Holi Color Powders Bags

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Gold & Silver holi paint

Shine Gold Silver Holi powder

  • Packed in 40 gram pouches
  • Available in Gold and Silver
  • Turn your color event into a VIP event! Exclusively available at Kingdom of Colors
  • Buy Gold Shine glitter Holi Color Powder

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Powder Canons


  • Available in 3 kg and 6 kg canons
  • 5 different colors on stock
  • Color up your event even more! Success guaranteed with our Powder Canons!
  • Buy Color Powder extinguisher!

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Logo printing


  • FREE logo printing on the packaging
  • This service starts from 25.000 pieces
  • Great way to personalize your event!

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Wet UV & NEON paint

Wet UV Neon splash paint

  • Available in 200ml bottles and bulk
  • Easy to wash from clothes and skin
  • Organize your own Color Splash!

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  • Available in 5kg and 70 gram packaging
  • 4 vibrant colors on stock
  • Lights up in blacklight: Ultimate Glow in the dark experience!
  • Buy UV Neon holi color powders

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Holi Squeezy bottles 

  • Filled with 300 grm colors: Ready to use!
  • 5 vibrant colors available
  • Refillable, great to use at your Color Stops
  • Buy holi color squeezy bottles!
  • Refillable with our holi color powders

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Sunglasses Color EventSunglasses Color Run Holi Festival

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Sets of 100 pcs /
  • Perfect for protection of eyes at Color Run
  • Make everybody look colorful with our sunglasses

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Holi Hand Cannon

Holi Hand Cannon

  • Filled with 100 grm colors: Ready to use!
  • 5 vibrant colors available
  • Great to use at the start or finish of your color run
  • Do not aim at other people!

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Caclulate your Powder

VDI 2263(1) Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE VDI 2263(1) in Germany. Report on request.

Cosm 1223 / 2009 approved

Ingredients used in our products are approved under European Union Cosmetic regulation  1223 / 2009.

OSHA / USA Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE / OSHA in USA. Report on request.

EN 71 Part III approved

Our product is tested under EN 71 Part III. Documentation on request.

Worldwide delivery

We offer worldwide shipping: US / EUROPE / ASIA PACIFIC / AFRICA

Free Sample

We offer Free Sample service. We might have to charge you for the courier costs.

Free Logo Printing

What is more fun then having your own logo on your packaging. We offer this service starting from 25.000 bags. Please respect a lead time of approx 9 weeks. Faster is possible, but extra costs will be there.

Get free Holi Color samples

The samples are free of cost. We ask our clients to pay for the courier service

Client Testimonials and Reviews

(Please sent us your feedback as well)


Planning soon our next color party. We had great happy coloured crowd! Giovanni, Club Owner / ITALY


The bulk holi color powders worked perfect. We loved Sky Blue and the Baby Pink a lot! Peter, Soccer Club / Australia


Many thanks for the great holi color powders! Great fast service guys Carlos, Eventmanager, SPAIN


We raised a lot of money with our Color Run. Thanks again Kingdom of Colors. Liz, School Director / United States


Brand Activation for our client. Colorful big success. Loved the logo print! Julie, Ad Agency / United Kingdom


The Color Run was a huge success. No troubles cleaning. Next year again! Sofie, Fundraiser / NETHERLANDS